Associate Professor Ashad Kabir is an expert in data science and artificial intelligence in health care. He is the deputy leader of the data mining research group at Charles Sturt University. His research focuses on applying advanced technologies, including data mining, artificial intelligence, and smartphone apps, to solve problems in the domain of health and well-being while considering individuals’ privacy and system security.

A/Prof Kabir has published over 100 research articles and secured research grants with a total budget of over $1.5 million. As the lead and sole investigator, he successfully completed several industry-funded projects with excellent impact and quality publications. He is a recipient of the Vice Chancellor Research Excellence Awards 2022 in the category of “Researcher of the Year in the Faculty” for research achievements, including research publications, grants, research leadership, impact, significance, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Ashad is an editorial board member for several journals, including Frontiers in Digital Health and BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. He has delivered keynotes at several conferences and been invited as a guest speaker to deliver talks at several prominent universities across the world, including the University of Maryland (USA), Texas A&M University (USA), the University of Toronto (Canada), York University (Canada), Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), and Chandigarh University (India).