The Sequel to Future Directions of Plantar Pressure Measurements to Prevent Foot Ulcers in People with Diabetes

October 22 @ 15:45
15:45 — 16:30

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During his presentation at PAA’s Virtual Conference 2020, Jaap van Netten focused on future directions of plantar pressure measurements to prevent foot ulcers in people with diabetes. This included introducing the concept of cumulative plantar tissue stress and discussing a variety of new methods to investigate plantar pressure in people with diabetes.

This year, Jaap van Netten and Chantal Hulshof will present the sequel, with the newest results from the gait lab at Amsterdam UMC. They will introduce the topic of cumulative plantar tissue stress again, to repeat last year’s message – as repeating is important in learning. But more importantly, Chantal Hulshof will present the latest results on plantar pressure patterns in people with diabetes in various conditions. These include walking at different speeds that reflect real-life walking speeds, and a variety of activities, such as standing up, accelerating, decelerating and stair walking.

These findings have direct implications for pedorthists who measure plantar pressure in their clinics, and will also shape future discussions on the topic.

Dr Jaap van Netten

Amsterdam UMC

Dr. Jaap van Netten is a human movement scientist from the Netherlands, specialized in clinical research on foot disease. His research focus is on the interplay between biomechanics and behaviour in the prevention of foot ulcers and amputation. This includes real-life and laboratory gait and activity analyses, communication strategies, footwear optimization and e-health solutions for disease detection and behaviour changes.

Chantal Hulshof

Amsterdam UMC

Chantal Hulshof, MSc, is a human movement scientist from the Netherlands. After studying medicine and completing her bachelor's, she decided to focus on the topic that fascinated her most, and to continue as researcher. Chantal is currently working as PhD-student on a project aiming to unravel biomechanical, physical activity and behavioural factors associated with diabetes-related foot disease. Pressure-reductions and adherence to wearing of custom-made orthopaedic footwear play an important role in these studies.

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