HealthWork Solutions for Pedorthists

October 22 @ 12:15
12:15 — 12:45

PLEASE NOTE: all session times are AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time). Please check your difference in timezone so you don’t miss any sessions .

The allied health workforce is facing increasing challenges meeting service demand in Australia. The growth of the NDIS, changes to aged care funding, the ageing population and now pressures caused by COVID19 have created unprecedented demand for a range of health services. The challenge for clinicians, managers and employers is that there are no data to guide allied health workforce planning. Most health workforce demand data is based on job vacancies, not population need or demand. The challenge of workforce planning is compounded because most professions (particularly self-regulating professions), lack accurate supply data.

HealthWork Solutions is an online, geospatial workforce modelling tool that uses population level data (including disability, health and socioeconomic variables) to predict population service need and demand for different health professions. Presented as a heat map, showing workforce supply, demand and need, we are able to guide workforce planning decisions, estimate unmet need and advise on future service needs.

This presentation will present the HealthWork Solutions workforce planning model for the pedorthic profession, including assumptions that drive workforce demand; the workforce distribution; potential areas of unmet needs and future implications for the pedorthic profession.

Dr Susan Nancarrow

AHP Workforce

Susan is a recovering academic and the co-founder of AHP Workforce, a consultancy that builds capacity in the allied health workforce, and co-founder of HealthWork Solutions, a company that provides geospatial workforce mapping solutions for the health workforce. She has recently published The Allied Health Professions – A Sociological Perspective, with co-author, Professor Alan Borthwick.

Peter Bell

HealthWork Solutions

Peter brings a unique fusion of skills in town planning, economics, data, technology, human behaviour, and business strategy are sought to guide informed decision making. Through HealthWork Solutions, Peter brings his unique demand and need modeling to guide and develop health workforce planning for a range of health professions.

Peter is also passionate about writing and supporting initiatives that break down the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness.

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